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With over 5.6 million customers using Edinburgh’s Trams this year, an internal advertising space will certainly get seen!

We offer both small and large sized coving spaces above the windows and highly effective seat back spaces.

Internal sites start from less than £99 per month plus production and fitting costs, and packages are available to fully take over a full tram or spread your message across the whole tram fleet with coverage in all operational trams.

  • Interior advertising now available on all of the tram fleet

  • Space used in the cove panels above the interior windows

  • Two sizes are available:

    • 1650mm x 180mm
    • 800mm x 180mm
  • Can be used to support exterior campaigns

  • Cost effective for short-term campaigns

  • Easily changeable for seasonal messaging

  • Two-week campaigns from less than £500

Click on the images below to see previous examples of internal advertising campaigns.

Contact Us

For further information of Edinburgh Trams advertising opportunities please contact us on:

0131 338 5782

Or email trammedia@edinburghtrams.com